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Three Lifestyle errors which are destroying your Psychological health

Three Lifestyle errors which are destroying your Psychological health

Three Lifestyle errors which are destroying your Psychological health


Have you ever felt so much spent out and yet not productive at all? We all feel stressed and anxious throughout our day and hardly Understand why !? This feeling is destroying our psychological health and not letting us enjoy our lives. It's an everyday story that we are unable to Meet family expectations nor happy with our own self. Here I shared 3 lifestyle errors which are responsible for this state of mind. Let's take a look.


1. Wrong energy investments:


By energy, I mean our Time and Emotions.


We all get limited amount of energy every day. It's almost like our mobile phone battery, just that we can't recharge it again for a day.


We usually don't realize where we are investing and where we are wasting our energy. According to thermodynamics, we cannot produce or destroy energy but can transfer it. Which means, we should invest in such things where we get some energy back in return. But most of us do the opposite to it.


We are spending energy even when we think we are not! For example, sitting on your sofa, chatting with your friends, watching TV all are highly energy consuming tasks.


These passive tasks usually do not give any energy in return and ultimately we feel exhausted even before we start our actual work.


Why exactly we are discussing so much about this? Because, at the end of the day we feel spent and that too without doing much productive things. Top of it, our family and other important areas of life are still not addressed properly. So where does the energy goes? How to invest correctly? What is the solution?


Apply this formula: 20% * 5.


Let me explain, prioritize 5 major areas where you wish to invest and you think you'll get a good amount of energy in return. Example: your family, work, health, self-care, etc. Allot 20% time to each. This way, you can utilize your day very well and will not feel spent totally or exhausted.


Your brain feels rewarded and you feel successful as a person. This small habit can change your lifestyle completely for better. Exchange of energy is very important. Make sure you are not just a giver, always invest where you can get positive returns.


2. Poisonous Procrastination:


This harmless and simple looking term is actually very dangerous for our brain. More we procrastinate, more our brain feels loaded. Every single task you procrastinated ever has added stress hormone to your system.


Out of laziness or tiredness, when we delay a task for sometime, our brain has to take a note of it. Not only that, it has to set a reminder for the same again! Most of the time we procrastinate the task over and over again! Guess what ? Your brain is drained and your valuable energy is spent in doing NOTHING!


In addition to that when at last moment you start doing the task you avoided before, you try doing it faster and again your brain is suffering! Your smart device called brain then ignores you for all day long.. doesn't support you for any further creativity and makes you feel tired and sick !


Familiar?? This is why working on a last minute of deadline is very tough and exhaust you physically. Stop this brain damaging habit as soon as possible!


3. Zero self care!!


Some of us do not have this concept of self care or me time! This is actually challenging for brain as we try to operate without any rewards in return. Our brain is an employee.. if we stop giving it perks, breaks and holidays, it will stop being productive!


I'm sure this is familiar to you all.. you start your week with lot energy and at the end of the week you are tired ! This is actually your brain's strike ! It leaves you exhausted because you don't care about breaks for it


Best tool for self care is to have buffer time between two tasks. It's important to keep at least 10 mins gap between two activities you plan to do. For example, if you are driving home and want to cook for yourself, take a pause and this will help your brain to understand that you are calm!

Using buffer time between everything possible, gives you the sense of control. It prepares your mind for next task and also makes sure that you are calm. Without buffer time, or breaks, your brain operates on compositions. This is very dangerous on a long run. Compulsive operations are tiresome, you feel exhausted because of it.


One more important thing should be included in our schedule is me time! Ideally first hour of the day should be dedicated to our own self. Have your tea, listen to music, meditate or read. Do whatever suits you but don't start your day in a hurry !

I hope you understand the seriousness of your mental health! And you'll try eliminating thes lifestyle errors from your day!


- Komal Baxi