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When & Why you should consult a Psychologist?

When & Why you should consult a Psychologist?


When and why you should consult a psychologist?

Sushant singh Rajput, our own Bollywood favorite has committed suicide…   Everyone is posting about this on social media. Many have initiated the movements saying “I am there to listen”. It feels better to see people empathizing with others.

Every year, we witness thousands of suicides. These thousands include students, housewives, employees and these days teenager as well. All the age groups are at risk! This is scary, isn’t it? We are unable judge who is really “Fine” and who is not! Asking” how are you” is no more enough, we have to invent a deeper question, right?

 I don’t understand why do we fail to ask for help? Why we have made it’s extremely difficult to express our emotions? Why it’s   taboo to meet a psychologist?

I meet these amazing people at my studio. Most of my clients are highly qualified, professionals and very intelligent people. Why do you think they visit me? Why do they need a psychologist? They simply consult me because they need a vent out for their emotions. People have started accepting the need of emotional health above everything.

Human mind is complex and so as emotions! Its not necessary to able to be in control all the time. It’s possible that majority of your emotions are not understood by your friends and family. It’s possible that you feel highly confused even for the tiniest step for your life. Can we please normalize EMOTIONS?

Let’s understand today that when and who can visit a Psychologist?

  1. 1.     When there is a confusion in life:

Yes… when you feel confused, clueless and lost at any point in your life, a psychologist can help. A smallest confusion can lead you to sleepless nights and dull days. It’s always better to ask for help. What parents might feel a small baseless worry, could be a huge concern for kids. We have to understand and accept the fact that people are different and so as their confusions! Let’s stop judging and start supporting.

When you consult a psychologist for your confusions, they help you to correct your perspective. Psychologist can navigate you safely through the jungle of your thoughts to the healthy destination.


  1. 2.     When you feel just not right!


Please… you don’t have to wait to get depressed to consult a psychologist. It’s always advisable to ask for help before it’s late. These days, we have extreme exposure to everything and our mind just can’t handle this so much at a time. It is very much possible to feel overwhelmed every now and then. It feels worst when we don’t know the reason behind what we feel.


This is a demand of current times. We have to accept the need of expressions. Venting out your thoughts and emotions without being scared of being judged is crucial. Keeping everything inside is making us sick. Just like the stale, unused food, our unexpressed emotions are also stinking badly.

It’s time to understand that not feeling right is not okay. Hypocrisy is injurious to health! Showing off about how tough you are can actually kill you. Just go and talk to your psychologist about your emotions and thoughts to stay sorted. Its normal, its healthy.


  1. 3.     Every month, without fail…

Oh I mean it! Everyone who is above 16 must visit psychologist once in a month. We all have complex roles to play these days. Everyone is dealing with much more than their capacities. We do not know where the limit is. We are assigned multiple roles and compelled to excel in each. We are willingly into this race of being best and punishing our mind.

Isn’t all this too much? Housewives are expected to be superwomen, husbands are expected to be an earning machine, and students are expected to be out of this world! We have created a fantasy world where there is huge gap between “Real you and ideal you”.

Well, I think it’s our choice to be in this race. This is how we are and let’s accept it. But can we do at least a bit for our mental health? Consult a psychologist every month even if you think you are fine.

This can help you detox your mind. Sharing your experiences, emotions and thoughts is essential. Let’s practice this and accept the need of psychologist. Just go and share your heart there. You will get an empathetic ear and non judgmental heart to listen your story.  

I can assure you that sharing can solve any issue. Take a step. Ask for help. Talk to people. Don’t search your symptoms on Google, search a psychologist! More normal people should start visiting psychologist to prevent mental health issues. Enough of this taboo.  Let’s support, accept and embrace ourselves!


-         Komal Baxi