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Why this Work from Home isn't working for us?

Why this Work from Home isn't working for us?

Why this Work from Home isn't working for us? A key to be productive during this lockdown:

We have to understand why do we feel, what we feel..

When everything around is so foggy, Misty and uncertain, only our clear insightful vision can help us to drive ahead. I believe, we have created a habit of complaining. No literally, no matter what - we are "rarely" happy. Contentment is something we all have never tasted probably.

I can prove it to you. We use to hate traffic, reaching office on time was a huge task, facing that unpleasant colleague was taking a toll on us, commuting was taking hell lot of time from our productive hours, balancing our family and work altogether was the feeling of walking on the edge.

In total - our life was a mess. We were tired. We cried for a break. We badly needed a family time to understand our emotional needs. And one fine day.. BOOM..! We got it all.

And still, we are freaked out! We are still upset and we are still messed up! Extremely negative and not at all enjoying what we always wanted to have.

So the conclusion is, "We are the problem" and not our working days. We need to learn to make peace with our own lives. And this is the Most Important Task for you to achieve because only after you make peace within, you'll be able to find your productive self.

If you ask me, A peaceful person can be the most efficient one. Bcoz that's when your brain is not multitasking and provides you steady focus. Or in other words, when you are biased and negative, you are least productive.

Let's discuss few Psychological aspects around our Emotions.

# Beware of your cognitive filters:

We are surrounded by excessive information. Social media, advertising companies, trending shows and many other digital platforms are flooded with information. Our brain gets tired of filtering these info due to overconsumption we do. As a result, brain stops filtering and starts consuming as it comes. Bang - you no more have control over what is recorded over your mind and hence, you can't control your feelings anymore.

A simple rule of Psychology - Feelings -> Thoughts -> Behavior -> Feelings and it goes on and on..!

Which means, because you've watched or heard some negative news or show it alters your Feelings which apparently alters your behavior which again leads you to the similar kind of feeling which is Negative! You keep going on this rollercoaster ride without any of your control or awareness!

In other words, when you talk to people or read their social media status saying "Lockdown is sooooo boring" or "Lockdown is Killing me" you too start believing the same because your brain isn't anymore filtering information for you due to overconsumption you have done!!

Long story short, most of your Emotions are not even sourced from your own feelings. They are with you just because you've overconsumed the information. You no more are making conscious choices about your self and most of your behaviors are compulsive.

Moral : consume less media. Reduce screen time. Be aware of your Emotions as they create a series of the similar events.

# Neural Pathway of your Habits:

Let's Understand what is this discomfort is about. Why we are unable to adjust with work from home concept.

Well, if you practically see, overall hassle is reduced as we are saving commuting hours as well as the traffic stress is not there.

Instead of helping us, why this is going against us? Well, it's bcoz we are going through a massive neural shift these days.

Our brain registers fix patterns for what we do on our daily basis. It's called a neural pathway or an automation for most of our routine. When we suddenly started staying home, brain has passed through a massive change in it's automation. It had to rewrite everything all over again.

Because it's new for brain, you are not feeling comfortable on your own sofa at home. Because it's new for brain, you are uncomfortable with your own family members 24*7. We have a habit of seeing them for hardly 3-4 hours and this is completely opposite situation where we are not able to escape for a minute from our family. Doesn't mean you don't like them, this is due to the discomfort in neural pathway.

Wait for few more days and you'll feel same kind of difficulty in Settling down to your office, because by then your new neural pathway would be set!

So what to do? Understand and help your brain to plan a new automation as easy as possible. If you'll settle with the situation and focus on being productive, you'll be able to fix your new pathway easily.

Moral: Keep repeating things and your brain will set it to automation!

# discipline has no substitute:

You read it right. You have NO choice but to be disciplined if you want to progress in your life.

If you closely notice your problems, they are all rooted in indisciplined lifestyle! You are always in a hurry because you don't wake up on time. If you wake up early and still you are in a hurry, you have planned your day pathetically!

Planning is crucial. A housewife or a CEO, if you plan your day well in advance, you can surely be super productive!

Remove all the nonproductive items from your list. Add just 3 supreme important things to your to do list. Prioritize your day around these 3 things and all the other stuff will automatically fall in place.

Take charge of your life. Wake up early - be efficient and change your world daily, one step at a time !

Moral: I'm a mother. An Indian wife. Practicing Psychologist. And I'm having it all. If I can,  YOU CAN!